About Us

About Us

Universal Bakkies-Cars, launched on the 16th April 1992, was a print business publishing various magazines. Today, Universal Bakkies-Cars is SA’s No.1 trusted motoring marketplace and a 100% digital business bringing together buyers and sellers across all vehicle types. The key to Universal Bakkies-Cars’s success, is that it maintains no transactional barriers and directly connects buyers & sellers by displaying the physical address, telephone number, email address and website address.

Universal Bakkies Cars, "We have successfully transitioned the business from print to digital. Our last ever issue of the Universal Bakkies Cars magazine hit the shelves on Thursday, 30 March 2017. We will continue to offer world-class market leading solutions for buyers and sellers of vehicles. As always we have exciting product diversification, launches and marketing campaigns ahead of us."

The largest automotive marketplace

Universal Bakkies-Cars has the largest automotive marketplace in South Africa and gets over 11 million visits each month to its online platforms. With car shoppers conducting over 55 million searches across more than 130 000 listings on mobile, tablet, desktop devices and apps.

Universal Bakkies-Cars uses state-of-the-art technology to bring motor vehicle buyers and sellers together. In addition, it was the first in its category in South Africa to introduce variant-level keyword search, enabling shoppers to simply type in what they are looking for. World class iOS and Android applications mean car shoppers can car shop anywhere, anytime.

Thousands of South African dealerships advertise on Universal Bakkies-Cars, so finding the right vehicle is easy with the assurance of variety and choice.

Thousands of private advertisers have sold their vehicles on Universal Bakkies-Cars. And with a focus on solving for pain points in the car buying journey, in 2018 Universal Bakkies-Cars introduced a managed process called “We Sell” - for people seeking a hassle-free car sale process. In addition, Universal Bakkies-Cars recently launched a free service that enables sellers to connect directly to Universal Bakkies-Cars’s trusted dealer network, receiving the best possible cash offer.

Universal Bakkies-Cars has created tools for dealers to track online performance. And as the market leader, Universal Bakkies-Cars leveraged the large amounts of data in possession to create Fuzion - revolutionary software designed to use up to the minute demand and supply trends to help dealers make better pricing and stocking decisions.

Vehicle Check was another example of Universal Bakkies-Cars’s commitment to transparency in the car buying process and allows car shoppers to check a cars history before buying.

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